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Scratch Removers for Wood

Can I use the Trade Secret® Scratch Removers on any type of wood?

Yes. The Scratch Removers are designed to work with the existing finish or varnish. We have been selling them to furniture factories and cabinetmakers since the 1950s. Use the Dark Scratch Remover for darker colours like walnut, mahogany and cherry. Use the Light Scratch Remover for lighter finishes like maple, oak and pine.

As always, test in an inconspicuous area first (you’ll see this line repeated over and over and it is an excellent rule of thumb with any furniture care or touch up products to make sure that it delivers the results you’re looking for).

Is the Trade Secret® Scratch Remover permanent?

The Scratch Remover will offer permanent results on most surfaces. Occasionally, when the area of the repair is subject to high traffic, repeat applications from time to time may be required.

How do I use the Trade Secret® Scratch Remover?

Simple, apply the Scratch Remover to the surface and wipe off any excess immediately. Allow to dry for 15 to 30 minutes before using or placing objects on the treated surface.

Why is Trade Secret® Scratch Remover better than the competition?

In Canada and many other countries there is not another Scratch Remover solution. The closest competition would be stains that require sanding and refinishing. Our Scratch Remover is easy to use and in many cases helps to maintain the original patina of your furniture, which would be ruined if you refinished. The staining action of the Scratch Remover will penetrate into the surface where any bare wood is exposed and won't discolour with age. At the same time, it will condition the undamaged surrounding finish. It's easier to apply and tested to work with virtually any finish including shellac, varnish, lacquer, polyurethane and even French Polish. Use it on veneers, too.

The new coconut oil-based formulation makes Trade Secret Scratch Remover, not only, safer to use, but it also flashes off faster than our old formulation making your treated surface usable in a shorter amount of time.

Trade SecretOur Competitors
Hides scratches
Restores original beauty to furniture
Long lastingX
Available in Dark & Light duo-packX
Contains mineral oil (solvent)X
Made from natural and renewable ingredientsX
Contains petroleum distillatesX

Can I damage my furniture with Trade Secret Scratch Removers®?

While there is always someone out there trying to prove us wrong, absolutely not when used under normal conditions. Our products have been tested and used by leading furniture manufacturers and cabinetmakers for years. These products are unique for consumers, but not for professionals. That's why we call it 'Trade Secret'. However, we suggest that you test it first on an inconspicuous area to ensure that the results are what you’re looking for.

Will the Trade Secret® Scratch Remover remove the scratches completely?

Trade Secret® Scratch Remover will remove the eyesore and bring the wood back to life. The physical impression will still be there, but the discolouration will be camouflaged and rendered almost invisible.

Remember that Trade Secret Scratch Remover is designed for scratches that have gone down to the wood or substrate and discoloured compared to the surrounding area. If you have fine surface scratches in the surface of the finish with no discolouration, the best solution would be to use a rubbing and/or buffing compound.

Do I need to use a mask or gloves when applying any of the Trade Secret® Scratch Remover?

No. The products are safe. The coconut oil based formulation has Zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds).The only reason to wear gloves or any covering would be to protect against staining your clothing or upholstery. To protect your hands and skin against staining, take a look at the Trade Secret Invisible Work Glove.

Is the Trade Secret® Scratch Remover safe if you have small children or pets?

Obviously, all cleaning products should be kept out of the reach of small children, but once the Trade Secret Scratch Remover is applied and dries, it is no problem whatsoever for children or pets.

Can Trade Secret Scratch Remover be used on veneer?

Yes. Veneer is simply a thin slice of wood on the surface that is glued to plywood or particle board. Trade Secret® Scratch Remover can be used on all solid wood and veneers.

Can I stain bare wood with the Trade Secret® Scratch Remover?

You can do practically anything you want in a free society. However, the Trade Secret Scratch Remover is not ideal as a bare wood stain. It is not designed for that application and will not be as effective as a standard wood stain. Therefore we don’t recommend the Scratch Remover as a Stain.

Can I use the Trade Secret® Scratch Removers to remove water stains on furniture?

Trade Secret® Scratch Removers work with the finish of furniture. If the water stain is on the surface, the scratch remover will wipe the eye sore away. However, in those cases where the stain has permeated into the finish, an additional step is required. Using toothpaste, lightly rub the affected area then remove any excess paste. At this point, apply the Trade Secret Scratch Remover and the defect should mostly or completely disappear. It is always a good idea to try this on an inconspicuous area first to ensure that the repair leaves the desired results. In some cases, you may have to call a professional. Call us first so that we can point you in the right direction.

Which Trade Secret® Scratch Remover should I use on my furniture?

Trade Secret® offers a Scratch Remover for light wood and one for dark wood. The general rule of thumb is that the light is used on light oak, maple, pine and other woods in the lighter tones, while the dark scratch remover is used for mahogany, walnut, dark oak, cherry and more. Medium toned woods tend to work better with the light scratch remover. If you're in doubt, test the scratch remover in an inconspicuous area.

Can Trade Secret® Scratch Remover be used on hard wood floors?

Yes, but it will make the floors quite slippery, so it must be used with care and caution and the floor well buffed with a clean dry cloth to remove as much of the slipperiness as possible.

Also, as with furniture, don’t treat just the damaged area, or it will stand out, try to do as large a surface as possible. Will it result in us selling you more? Yes, but it is also the right thing to do in order to obtain the best results.

Can I use Trade Secret® Scratch Remover on teak?

Yes it can be used, but we suggest you use teak oil which is specifically designed for Teak. But the Trade Secret Scratch Remover for Light Wood will beautify and rejuvenate most teak furniture. Test in an inconspicuous area first.

What kind of cloth should be used to apply Trade Secret® Scratch Remover?

Pretty much any cloth will do, but you'll get the best results with more absorbent cotton cloths, such as old T-shirts that are at least 65% cotton. It is also important to use non-coloured cloths. Anything with a print, decals or other pigmentation could react with the products. Make sure that there are no buttons or zippers that can harm the surface.

In which order should I use the Trade Secret® Scratch Remover and the Trade Secret® Furniture Polish and Cleaner?

In most cases, it is best to first treat the surface with Scratch Remover because it also conditions the finish. The next time you clean, use the Furniture Polish and Cleaner.

The Scratch Remover makes a great once or twice a year surface conditioner.

If I spill Trade Secret Scratch Remover® on my carpet, is there a product than can be used to remove it?

With our flip-top dispenser, it is now more difficult to run into accidental spills on fabric or material, but Scratch Remover stains, when they do occur, can usually be removed by employing the standard fabric spot removers available at your local hardware store. You should use those spot removers designed for oil-based stains, before blaming it on the kids or pets.